Newsletter about Affirmations

- By Aurelia Aureyn -

You are holding great power in your hands. Use it well. Turn it to your advantage, turn it to the advantage of the totality. Every power can be used in either a positive or a negative way. It’s up to you how you use it.

If you want the best out of life and you use your power in that direction, your wishes will come true. Your spiritual power - the power of your thoughts - is there, waiting to be used. Use it in the right way! That way nothing but good can come into your life and you will be able to do incredible things. There is a moment in life for everything. Whoever is ready to learn to use this power properly will be able to secure better times ahead for him or herself and for others.

The power that you possess is absolutely just and fair. It works for everyone, no matter who you are. Through your thoughts you are constantly sending out vibrations and every time these thoughts come back to you they are always strengthened and amplified by similar thoughts. In this way, you are continually pulling particular people, events and circumstances into your life. These correspond to your dominant thought patterns. The external world around us is a copy of our mental world.

How can you use your subconscious? The answer is: by thinking about a particular desire and being sure about how you want to see it realized, by formulating it and then repeating that formulation. Repeating it ‘plants’ that desire in our subconscious. Once it is firmly anchored, the ‘wish-thought’ will bring about its own realization.

It is very important, afterwards or in the meantime, to entertain as few thoughts as possible that run contrary to that wish - thoughts which could stand in the way of your wish becoming a reality.

How can you know, immediately, that you are thinking thoughts that don’t help you move forward? For example, when you aren’t feeling good about things. This brings you up against something that you perceive as negative. When this happens you need to investigate whether this is something you need to work on. By asking yourself what you really want and drawing up a formula in that points in that direction.

Don’t formulate your desire when you’re feeling down or negative. Personally, I find it’s best to formulate wishes every day, but don’t try to do it at a time when you don’t feel yourself in the right mood to do so.

Make your affirmations when you are relaxed and feeling positive. Don’t do it when you are angry or sad. Otherwise your thoughts will be charged with these negative vibrations and your wish might be influenced by these.

The best time to make your affirmations is as soon as possible after you wake up and just before going to sleep. The thoughts you have before going to sleep carry on working right through the night. They penetrate deeper into our subconscious. This works, if they seem real.

Convince yourself that you are ‘enclosed’ in a universe of possibilities that this has the best and quickest route for you. What this universe asks of you is that you vocalize your wish, that you believe and that you have trust.

Not being able to muster that trust means that you can’t really accept that the universe is going to help you.

If you have doubts, this sends out the signal that what you affirm, may not work for you. The universe is there to give us what we ask for. It wants to give us what we wish for, but if there is doubt or a lack of trust, this process will take longer. The more often you have thoughts to the effect that what you are asking for ‘is never going to happen, anyway’ rather than thinking about your formulation of that wish, the greater the chance that it will not come about.

Try to have an unconditional trust. It definitely isn’t always easy to stick to this, especially if you don’t see any immediate result. You need to remember, however, that none of your questions or affirmations ever remain unanswered. Don’t forget that every additional ‘wish-question’ that you formulate in the same way, adds power to the previous one. The greater the power, the faster the attraction works and the quicker what you wish for will come to you.

We can’t always see for ourselves what channels we need to use to give ourselves what we want. There are so many possibilities that our conscious mind can’t take on board. In order to focus your trust it may help to start with wishes that you feel are quicker or easier to realize.

If you don’t know how to formulate your affirmation because there is so much that you want to include in different areas, just say that “you are hoping for a complete solution to - or realization of - what it is that is on your mind”. Take it on trust that there is a solution and that the best solution will cross your path.

Yet, before you do that, probe yourself in silent reflection, dig deep into the inner you in order to be absolutely sure exactly what it is that you want. Don’t evade your own desires. If you have a particular wish, formulate it very precisely. If you want more of something, formulate it so that you “get more and more (e.g.) well-being, contentment, harmony”.

So much has been written about the law of attraction, but, in the end, it all comes down to putting it into practice. You can spend years reading about it, but it is applying it that will convince you. Accept the idea that the power of your thoughts, combined with the power of your visualisation, will create your reality.

Keep going and one day your wish will come true. In the way that is best for you. What you accept as being true, is true for your world. Just don’t be impatient. Complete trust levels out the way to a complete fulfilment of what you wish for. Be thankful that you have this key in your hands, for yourself and for a better life for you and for others.

Examples of general affirmations relating to trust:

  • The trust that someone else has in us, is the reflection of the trust we have in ourselves.
  • I have trust that only positive things can come out of this experience.
  • I have trust in the knowledge that I am using a law which works infallibly.
  • I have complete trust that the law of the power of thought is working to make my wish a reality.
  • I leave this to the universe, in complete trust.
  • I know that I will be given everything I need to make my wish a reality when the right moment comes.
  • I am working on making x a reality.
  • Everything is possible if you believe in it.
  • Anything you can think of can become a reality.
  • The law of the power of thought has the perfect solution and I have trust that I will recognize it immediately and react accordingly.
Aurelia Aureyn
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