Feelings as a touchstone

Newsletter about Affirmations

- By Aurelia Aureyn -

How do you feel? This question is a barometer that lets you know whether you are receptive to the things that are good for you. When you feel good more good things happen in your life because you attract them; when you feel down, depressed or angry you are giving energy to a thought that will bring you more negativity. Everything reacts to the vibrations you send out.

There are times when you feel powerless for a moment and this may well be related to external circumstances: you are alone, you want to organise something but it doesn't work out. What do you say to an intuitive person, to sense another's negativity?

Return to what is essential: we can only think one thought at a time. How do you replace your thought so that you no longer find yourself in a less positive frame of mind? Think about anything you like, search your thoughts. Concentrate on the present moment, where you can be and what you can achieve in the here and now. Only the present matters. Accept your past to date, be thankful for the lessons you learned from it, (also) the good things in it, and the insights you gained from it. With humility. Thankful for the opportunities in the present. Mindful that one can always change everything. You will increase your vibration. Attuned to your environment. From now on you can experience your destiny. Keep returning your thoughts to the present moment. Trust your inner voice.

Do you want something specific? Think about it in detail. Visualise a successful outcome.

Express it in an affirmation. As precisely, as briefly and positively as possible. Personally I have always been successful with:

  • Writing down the affirmation at least ten times every day. A non-specific affirmation such as: 'I am getting closer to my goal' takes much longer than when you have something more specific in mind.
  • Repeat your 'wish' or affirmation whenever you have the chance, in the car for example or the lift, when waiting in a queue, out loud or in your mind.
  • Imagine that it is already so, summon the images in your mind’s eye.
  • Don't give up, never stop. On occasion I have wondered why the affirmation had not yet borne fruit or just to a small degree and why it was taking so long. At the time it involved something important and penetrating in my life. However the tendency to disbelieve and to give up was at times not far off after months of daily affirmations. At these moments I reminded myself that I was dealing with the laws of nature, something that HAD TO deliver results, so that only the right thing would happen at precisely the right moment, it couldn’t be any other way.
  • Sometimes so much has to change first and this is happening while we perform our affirmations. We don't see what is happening. Others may be involved. In times of great darkness the light is close by. Have faith and patience.
  • This is linked to the previous point: don't feel negative about repeating your affirmations, don't write them down with a heavy sigh just 'because you have to', better to rejoice at the results. When the affirmation fulfils your desire you will have every reason to be happy. You should at least remain neutral, but not gloomy, annoyed or angry. Then your will cannot truly focus on the affirmation you are writing. Maybe wait a while before performing your affirmation, do it when you feel better.
  • Don't tell anyone about it, or only someone who you are certain will support you.

The question arises of what happens if friends or partners have two conflicting wishes? If you desire something but another obstructs this desire or doesn't want what you want then it is not what others do or want that affects your affirmation; what may happen is that you become disconnected from your vision because of another’s attitude.

In other words you are giving more power to others than to yourself. By perceiving them as an obstructing force you are no longer attuned to what you want. What you feel is not brought about by others who hold a different vision but because you have become detached from your own desire.

It is important not to focus on how your wish will come true. Whenever you think about a specific person or situation that you assume will make your affirmation come true (or not come true) you are restricting your affirmation. The only thing you need to do is continue to believe, have faith and appreciation: the universe can fulfil your desires under many more circumstances or ways than you could possibly imagine.

So don't pose any questions about the way in which you will accomplish what you desire. And don't feel powerless or frustrated because another does or doesn't do something. The universe sees you as a unique and essentially separate being and will answer all your desires even if you cannot observe how this happens. You shouldn't think that others prevent you attaining your desires because this will obstruct your own vibration.

In reality we only have to keep our own vibration pure. Once we do this we can achieve results that we could never have imagined.

You will attain the essence of what you desire. Not perhaps in the way you expected but in the way you wanted to feel and those experiences you wanted to have when your desire was fulfilled. So don't ask yourself who will fulfil your desire, how it will happen, when, where etc. or your vibration will become divided.

We live in a time when everything comes to light, when everything must be declared. Everything is tested, shaken up.

Only what's real, what's true attracts earth energy. Everything that we experience that is untrue is attacked, is confronted with difficulties so we are able to abandon everything we need to abandon. When we think we have freed ourselves a sore point may crop up again a while later. And so it may continue like this. You can only go deeper if each time the top layer is removed.

As already mentioned, for a far-reaching deep underlying conviction this abandonment cannot be achieved with a more general affirmation such as 'I will succeed'.

Specific problems require specific 'treatment'.

You need to clearly specify what you want to happen and write about it in a positive way.

If you still feel unsure when writing your affirmations you can think or write 'I let go of the outcome, what I need is happening, the best thing will happen for all concerned.'

In the case of a difficult contact or when you think that it will be difficult you can affirm: 'I have an easy contact with this person and am happy to engage with him.' It may be that you need to repeat this often for the same person. Keep going until the affirmation feels true for you; adapt it to your needs. By stating that you are actively trying to improve the relationship you are expressing something that is true because this is your intention. Engage in the discussion when you are feeling positive.

Be thankful, particularly in the morning but whenever you have the opportunity, for everything that you have been able to experience and gain in the past and in this vibration think about what the day will bring; plan your activities in a constructive frame of mind, as you want them to happen. The affirmations work for you, once they become part of your subconscious, even when you are not aware of it. They will attract what you desire with the power of a magnet.

Aurelia Aureyn
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