The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Lecturing others on how to get their lives going in the right direction, without having done that for myself and without having found out how to do it, is not my way of doing things. This is why I have waited a long time to put these ideas to paper. So that it won’t be a case of Bernard Shaw’s famous dictum: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach».

Affirmations helped me in two very difficult situations in my life:

  • to get rid of sadness or deep grief, to replace it with happiness or positive serenity, or at least by not being despondent. I continued to do this consciously until the peaceful or joyful mood prevailed. I’m not going to say that this can be done quickly, nor that one can or ought to maintain the same mood all the time. What is true, however, is that overcoming great sadness is something of incalculable value to your life.
    As I came to realize that we only think one thought at a time and therefore that a gloomy thought can always be replaced by a more cheerful one, the unwelcome ideas that I didn’t want to have in my mind gradually came to me less “automatically” and more ideas that felt good began to come up spontaneously. Changing our thoughts can be done by, first of all, being aware of what we are thinking about and then finding out what we want and what makes us happy.
  • To keep believing in the harmonious growth of a relationship and to genuinely experience that, even though the reality was sometimes rather different.

Using affirmations has also helped me achieve many of my desires. This isn’t something that just happens on its own, of course. In part, my wishes have come true through a great deal of hard work. Yet knowing what you want, setting priorities, making plans, taking action and using affirmations is a winning combination.

Don’t give up. Whenever you use affirmations it has an effect. You do so continually, but perhaps not in such a structured way, not so effectively focused on your desires. It comes down to doing it consciously. You mustn’t think that it won’t work for you.
Learning to use the power of thoughts in a correctly focused way remains a “life task”. You have the chance and therefore, in part, the responsibility to use the gift of the power of thought to help you get what you want from life.

Above all I wanted this to be a practical book that you can immediately make use of.

For this reason the third part of the book includes affirmations (or confirmations), phrases that you need to use again and again every day. You can use them in the various situations of your life. You can also make your own affirmations in accordance with your most important desires. It shows you how to formulate these affirmations and how they will always work for you, if you apply the rules. My own experiences have proved to me that they work.

It is always a joy to be able to pass something on. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this law that brings you what you want!

I wish you progress!
- Aurelia Aureyn
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